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FIAC S.p.A. has been active for many years on the international market, characterised by a dynamic evolution in which the customer, with his requirements and expectations, is the centre of attention. It is through the customer's satisfaction that FIAC intends to increase and renew its products, at the same time as maintaining its characteristics of creativity, flexibility and adjustment to the market requirements. The type of organisation adopted by FIAC, to ensure the continuity of the quality of its products and its overall organisation, answers to patterns which require the company to check and measure its own performance for continual improvement. All levels of the organisation are involved and the aims and results thus obtained are shared throughout.

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EASY2: the new electronic control unit of New Silver range
till the production in November 2015, will introduce the new electronic control unit EASY 2 on the full range of compressors New Silver. (more info)

This new unit will be fully interchangeable with the previous version Easy mechanically and as the interface with the system. Therefore there will be no change in the reference code when ordering it as a spare parts.

The new Easy2, uses a graphical backlit display with high brightness. 

This feature makes it readable even in conditions of high ambient light.

The wider display allow you to read simultaneously more information about the operation and settings of the compressor, such as:

1. Not in charge worked hours

2. In charge worked hours

3. Working temperature

4. Compressor conditions: stand by; in charge..ecc

5. Maintenance time limit ecc.

All the graphic symbols are easily undertanding and make easier all the operations.

Hoping to have provided you with useful details; our sales office remains at your disposal for any further

information you might need.

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FIAC Air Compressors & Atlas Copco: the new Professional Air Division is born

With a welcome meeting, today it has officially been announced the Fiac Air Compressors entry in Atlas Copco Group.

This acquisition will creates a new Professional Air Division, which will combine the Fiac's professional experience, with Atlas Copco's resources, as leading global provider for industrial productivity solutions.


With Fiac Air Compressors contribution, Atlas Copco Group seeks to expand its range; the aim is to meet the growing demand for innovative products, with particular attention for performance and advanced technological systems, designed for all uses in operational applications.


Under the supervision of the new President Alain Lefranc, the new Professional Air Division headquarters will be the FIAC plant of Pontecchio Marconi (Bologna, Italy). The structure and organization of employees will remain unchanged, in order to meet the old and new customers needs with the forty years experiences of Fiac Air Compressors brand, a worldwide guarantee of reliability and quality.

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