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FIAC S.p.A. has been active for many years on the international market, characterised by a dynamic evolution in which the customer, with his requirements and expectations, is the centre of attention. It is through the customer's satisfaction that FIAC intends to increase and renew its products, at the same time as maintaining its characteristics of creativity, flexibility and adjustment to the market requirements. The type of organisation adopted by FIAC, to ensure the continuity of the quality of its products and its overall organisation, answers to patterns which require the company to check and measure its own performance for continual improvement. All levels of the organisation are involved and the aims and results thus obtained are shared throughout.

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Great success at Eisenwarenmesse 2018!
The 2018 edition of EISENWARENMESSE is closed with a great succes of Fiac Air Compressors. Over the days of the fair, we were able to welcome at our exhibition stand more than 300 - free and booked - visit p/day of well-balanced mix of international distributors and German DIY customerstrading partners. Fiac's new products has been welcomed as real innovative on new distribution channels and traditional sales markets. Seeing you at EISENWARENMESSE 2020! 

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Long Life & Maintenance Saving

Your air compressor can be kept in service for much longer periods at high level of efficiency!

Fiac Air Compressors PERFORMANCE PISTON OIL provides effective protection of internal metal surfaces from corrosion and prevent the formation of carbon deposits and laquer on pistons and valves crowns!

NOW AVAILABLE IN CARDBORD size L (60 liters) or Size XL (90 liters)

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The environment always win

During the forum "THE ECONOMY OF THE FUTURE" , CONAI – (Italian Organization for Packaging), organized a "Prevention Theme" competition based on environmental sustainability. Fiac Air Compressors and supplier Scatolificio Porrettana participated with an innovative packaging project that collect 4 different pump units by reaching sustainable results as:

Saving raw materials

Facilitate recycling activities

Simplify the packaging system

Logistics optimisation

This special Awards celebrate dedicated people, and innovative projects and ideas that take Fiac Air Compressors much closer to fulfilling our environmental and ethical objectives.

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