Do It Yourself applications

Air compressors uses for hobby-lovers

How often did your partner complained about the rusty railings in front of your house? How many times happened you were seeking satisfaction thanks to creative expressions such as woodworking artistry?Duty, profit, fun or sometimes simple distraction, an air compressor will allow you to hit the target, no matter if it is about simple maintenance or serious attempts to improve your (and your family's) everyday life.

Any use at home will be accomplished with the selection of sizes and power offered by direct driven oilfree air compressors. If you have set up a shop or a garage-style activity you will be likely to have a use for an air compressor for instance. Whether you’re in need of powering air tools, high-precision paint objects or create simple furniture there will always be one of our air compressors which will help you. According to your needs your air compressor will have specific, purpose-designed features.

A small garage-business most of the times requires silent performances and tiny spaces to deal with, in other words small sized, noiseless air compressors. At the same time, painting with pneumatic tools produce better results with high bar pressure: this makes clear how reducing litres contained in the tank is the best solution.

Each reciprocating piston air compressors has a cylinder, valve head, crankshaft and piston that moves up and down compressing air to be delivered to storage tank. This process can be assured either by a petrol engine or by an electric motor. Such an element is crucial when it is about ease of mobility and particular applications: from agricultural to industrial ones, from domestic to construction site ones. However, most of the home-wise air compressors are often light enough to be carried around the house by hand or trough wheels, making possible simple and complex operations.

DIY compressed air applications  
Typical uses 
Blowing up balloons or inflatable products
Adding air to tires on bikes
Cleaning crevices and tight spaces on equipment or other durable items with directed air pressure
Cleaning dirty irregular surfaces with air pressure or dedicated products
Painting with an airbrush for small precision projects
Painting larger surfaces like bikes and recreational vehicles
Using various pneumatic tools for home projects 
Where Home
Benefits Multi-purpose
Ease of use 
Quick configuration