FIAC has been active for many years on the international market, characterised by a dynamic evolution in which the customer, with his requirements and expectations, is the centre of attention. It is through the customer's satisfaction that FIAC intends to increase and renew its products, at the same time as maintaining its characteristics of creativity, flexibility and adjustment to the market requirements. The type of organisation adopted by FIAC, to ensure the continuity of the quality of its products and its overall organisation, answers to patterns which require the company to check and measure its own performance for continual improvement. All levels of the organisation are involved and the aims and results thus obtained are shared throughout.

As well-respected engineering company Fiac is leading the way in air compressors producers elite. Established in 1977 by the entrepreneur Romano Lucchi, today Fiac encompasses a wide range of product focused on four main assets: piston compressors, screw compressor, air tools, air treatments.

The company manufactures its cost and energy efficient, highly reliable products in Bologna (Italy) and Jangmen (China) while upholding needed processes and operations through representative offices around the world.

During our 40 years of history the company has shown a deep commitment to innovation & product development and with the support of a highly skilled technical team, Fiac rapidly gained success on all the principal markets worldwide, becoming an Italian company with global reach.

“Companies are made up of men, of people, not products"

A Foundation of Passion, Insight and Innovation

We are passionate air systems creators and we all come to work every day because we want that customers earn rather than buy. We are obsessively passionate about bringing innovation to all DIY professionals and newbies. We deliver insightful solutions and a new bright horizon.

A Different Approach

We are committed to the accomplishment of your air solutions strategies. We act as artists, shapers, manufacturers. We craft products until you have what you desire - however long it takes. Our product [link] section shows how our expertise has helped a wide range of people and business challenges over the last 40 years.

Inclusion and Education

We believe that inclusiveness and training are essential to be innovative and world-leading in the market. By nurturing skills and talents of all employees we will continue to re-affirm our company identity, be able to enable a better work environment and promote a healthy and collaborative culture.