Automotive applications

Automotive & air solutions

Air compressors has long been used in automotive context including, but not only, the industrial landscape. Indeed, professionals from all over the world rely upon compressed air solutions for their daily operations. Fiac, which has built its first air compressor about 40 years ago, is well aware of this and strives to raise constantly the bar with groundbreaking products. 

Are you looking for a brand new compressor which will guarantee not to be left half the battle done while inflating tires for a rushing customer? Or seeking for the ultimate piece of technology as for painting cars and trucks? Whether in garage or at yours it does not matter: we are home for professional ideas

Air tools are one of the main asset used in your small garage? The maximum pressure requested for your application is around 10 bar? You would not exceed 3 Hp? In this case you could find interesting our belt driven air compressors: high performances, low speed rotation and no oil-licking thanks to our unique shroud system.

If three or four users are constantly using air at your middle-sized workshop the needed amount of air could be considerably higher. This is why our suggestion is to shift your focus on products with larger capacity and more power. From a technological perspective the key-step is to move from a reciprocating piston compressor to a rotary screw one. Our silent air compressors are the ultimate solutions in this regard, able to deliver a lot of high quality air in an incredibly silent way.

Paying special attention to painting and varnishing it is important to bear in mind how crucial is the aid of a dryer. Clean, pure air is the mandatory element when it comes to vaporize and propel paint or varnish on a surface and this is why we offer a wide range of refrigeration dryers which can equip both piston and rotary screw configurations guaranteeing smoth painting operations.

Automotive compressed air applications   
Typical uses Inflating tyres
Product finishing
Plasma cutting and welding
Air tools
Paintshop applications
Where Home
Benefits  To vaporise and propel paint onto car components and shells
Quick inflating
Preferred to electronic tools as they are light and easy to handle
To operate paint pumps in highly volatile environments
To assist with cutting and welding speed and reliability