Building applications

Building operations through air solutions 

One of the most important customer service comes from the building industry, which supplies people around the world with the most important, essential good of always: our homes. The increasing need of new, efficient and safe buildings has brought engineers to develop complex technologies. However, it goes without saying that we are far from saying building a construction is effortless.

When is about being stick to the workflow in this context is often a matter of speed, power and reliability. These features, as well as many others, are ensured by compressed air systems. Despite the applications of air compressors in the building scenario are multiple, there are common uses shared between professionals.

Some of them can be summed up and inclusive of yard activities, in other words they represent every operation is carried out outdoor. Powering pneumatic tools such as drills, pumps, hoists, engines or insulating and deep cleaning actions are only some of them and can be performed through petrol engine air compressors which are specifically thought for environments where no electric power is available.

Fiac offers solutions adaptable to every kind of configuration whether air compressors needs to be mounted on a movable cart, easily carried by hand or stored on a truck-trailer.  According to specific necessities, petrol engine air compressors can be substituted by direct or belt driven air compressors; the fanning and ventilation of enclosed spaces like galleries or tunnel are explanatory examples. 

Building compressed air applications  
Typical uses Powering pneumatic drills, pumps, engines, hoists and hammers
Making snow at ski hills 
Insulating operations
Fanning and ventilation processes
Using pneumatic nail guns for roofing
 Where Construction site 
Benefits Constant air displacement
Reduce residual condensation 
Multiple configurations
Easy to carry 
No electricity needed