High-quality air applications

Compressed air solutions for high-quality applications

Dental offices and clinics cannot miss high quality air solutions. Indeed, most of the picks which equip a dental unit are enabled by compressed air. According to the tank capacity these fresh, dry air producers are able to power more dental units as well as being installed in medical environments. 

Compressors for high quality air feature reliability and top, noiseless performances but the most relevant aspect is that the air delivered is of a premium quality. As in an operating room or intensive care department hygienic standards underpin seriousness and professionalism, so in dental clinic sterile, sparkling clean air must be ensured

In order to obtain a 100% dry air, suitable for the contact with oral cavity, it is mandatory to reduce at minimum humidity and dampness, as well as impurities. This process is possible trought special air filters and water/oil separators and is fundamental to protect patients health. 

The drying process is carried out more easily with oil-free air compressors which are both environmentally friendly both ideal in reducing times and costs of maintenance. Not secondary worth is the fact that the cleaner the air produced is the less the durability of tools and instruments is affected


High-quality air applications  
Typical uses Power dental picks and tools
Spraying air and medical products
Deliver full air treatment
Where Medical environment
Benefits Maintaining clean air 
Deliver stable air pressure level
Silent operations