Industrial applications

Compressed air systems and the industrial world

Are you manufacturing high-quality products? In this case you are looking for high-quality equipment! Automotive, food&beverage, agricultural, construction and most of industries trusts air compressors as suitable instruments able to meet the requirements of your most demanding needs. However, it goes without saying that industrial context includes several segments of application areas. The most common ones entail the manufacturing of individual parts as well as the creation of complete products.

It is important to bear in mind that quantity of compressed air varies considerably according to uses. On the one hand operating indipendent, multi-purpose air tools means have at your fingertips different pressure levels simultaneously. Common examples are represented by painting and varnishing lines, as well as grinding and welding ones. On the other hand a fixed quantity of air is needed when it is about broad-scale and automated operations such as packing and palleting, bottling and packaging products, ejecting pieces from production molds. Generally speaking, the high amount of air needed makes rotary screw compressors the most trustworthy solution. Fiac makes available, in this respect, specific ranges of dedicated air compressors such as New Silver, Airblok BD-DR, Airblok BD-SD.

Engineers or technicians are aware of each industrial installation does not only rely upon powerful rotary screw compressors but air processing and treatments have to be fully integrated too. Indeed, air compressed station design will also affect operating costs: the more energy-wise the processing is the more manufacturers will save. Different applications and particular environment conditions cannot be overlooked, this is why Fiac completes its offer with purpose-related receivers, refrigeration dryersindustrial air filters and water/oil separators.  

Industrial compressed air applications  
Typical uses Packing and palleting products
Bottling and packaging products
Operating air tools on production lines
Where Production lines 
Manufacturing sites
Benefits High amount of air while consuming less energy
Versatile and fully customizable energy system
Stable air pressure provided
Easy maintenance and longevity
Deliver energy in wide production plant