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Fiac Air Treatment solutions

Transform your workspace with Fiac Air Treatment Solutions. Experience unparalleled performance, reliability, and Italian craftsmanship for professional and industrial applications.

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Clean and Dry Compressed Air

Vital for businesses reliant on quality compressed air; essential for equipment efficiency and longevity

Environmental Safety

Maintains air quality, ensuring it's safe for the environment


Integrating air treatment solutions reduces ownership costs, enhancing system efficiency and tools lifespan

Dehumidification and Cleaning

Achieved through filters, separators, and dryers, regulating air temperature to lower dew point, preventing condensation

Particle Removal

Eliminates hazardous particles like atomized oil, preventing damage to air tools and pipework leaks

Condensate Drains and Separators

Safely handles process waste, protecting the workplace and the environment

Air Treatment product range


Different models available: 4÷18, 24÷30, 36÷77, 100÷180

TDRY Fiac Refrigeration dryer


Different models available: 4÷30, 36÷77

EDRY Fiac Refrigeration dryer



RN Fiac Refrigeration dryer


Different models available: FP 1 ÷ 18, FG 1 ÷ 18, FC 1 ÷ 18, FV 1 ÷ 18


Fiac Filters

Centrifugal separators for condensate WS

Efficiently remove moisture and contaminants from compressed air with centrifugal separators for condensate WS, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Fiac Centrifugal separators for condensate WS

Accessories for filter

Manual or automatic drains, Voltage-free contact for diff. press. gauge, Pop-up indicator, Diff. press. Gauge, Connection kit with 2/3/4 filters, Wall mounting kit, O-ring seal kit.

Fiac Accessories for filter

Air receivers

By installing a Fiac Air receiver you will provide several benefits to your air compressor, including: Less waste during off-duty periods, overall smoother operation and avoidance of mechanical stress on components. Different size and models available: Painted vessels, Galvanized vessels and Vitrified vessels (Vitroflex®).

Fiac Air receivers

Electronic zero loss drains

By installing a Fiac Electronic zero loss drains you will provide several benefits, including: No loss of compressed air, maximum reliability, easy installation and maintenance. 


Fiac Electronic zero loss drains

Water-oil condensate separators

By installing a Fiac Water-oil condensate separators you will provide several benefits, including: Extremely clean wastewater, Lower total cost of ownership, environmentally conscious.


Fiac Water-oil Condensate Separators

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