Unity is strength: partnership with Michelin, a tale of power and reliability

Fiac, as trustworthy air compressors producer, has been chosen by one of the world's most famous brand: Michelin. By choosing Fiac as licensee, Michelin has made clear how experience, knowledge and being into the air-systems scape really matters in order to constantly raise the bar.

However, high quality products and nonstop technological advancements are not the only elements at the bottom of this cooperation which lasts from 2004. Indeed, both companies share a special focus on small professionals and DIY-lovers marketplaces. Being able to tailor solutions for these targets is often challenging but still remains what we do best.

Design, engineering and innovation: Fiac and AEG on the same side

In a world in which awareness is everything we are glad to share our strengths with AEG. The internationally renowned brand has decided to make us part of its plans and strategies by ushering in a licensing cooperation in 2014.

The high-quality standards ensured in air compressors production have made Fiac the ideal manufacturer to cooperate with. In addition, Fiac has been recognised as the most reliable partner from marketing perspective too. 

In its more than 120 years of existence, AEG has proven to be synonymous with engineering excellence and quality. Few brands have the staying power of AEG and this is why we are proudly working in order to let this adventure carries on successfully.