Original Spare Parts

Fiac Spare Parts

Transform your workspace with Fiac Spare Parts. Experience unparalleled performance, reliability, and Italian craftsmanship for pro and DIY projects.

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Compressed Air Control at Your Fingertips

Versatile kits include reliable tools and functional accessories for various applications

Original spare parts range

Piston Maintenance

Discover our comprehensive range of piston compressor maintenance kits designed to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Fiac Piston Maintenance

Rotary Screw Maintenance

Optimize the performance and extend the life of your screw compressors with our maintenance kits.

Fiac Rotary Screw Maintenance

Oil for Air Compressors

With its highly refined composition and additive blend, Fiac oil guarantees enhanced maintenance and longevity.

Fiac Oil for Air Compressors

Line filters

Explore our range of line filters tailored to meet the unique needs of your air compressor system.

Fiac Line filters

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