Fiac Lubricated Belt Driven Pumps

Transform your workspace with Fiac Lubricated Belt Driven Pumps. Experience unparalleled performance, reliability, and Italian craftsmanship for professional and industrial applications.

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Safety Valve between First and Second Compression Stage

Ensures safety by releasing excess pressure between stages for optimal operation

Steel Valve Plate

Durable valve plate made of steel for enhanced longevity and reliable performance

High-Efficiency Conveyor

Optimized design for efficient air transfer, enhancing overall compressor performance

High-Efficiency Air Filter with Low Noise Emission

Reduces noise while maintaining high filtration efficiency for cleaner air output

After Cooler for Low Air Delivery Temperature

Helps in lowering the air temperature before delivery, improving efficiency and preventing overheating

Cast Iron Cylinder

Durable and robust cylinder construction made from cast iron for long-lasting operation

High-Efficiency Flywheel of Large Dimensions

Maximizes energy efficiency while providing smooth operation

Larger Oil Sight Glass for Easy Level Check

Provides easy monitoring and maintenance by allowing clear visibility of oil levels

Pipe Intercooler for Efficient Working Temperature

Helps in maintaining the proper working temperature for optimal compressor performance

Oil Drain Plug

Facilitates easy removal of oil during maintenance and servicing

Lubricated Belt Driven product range

AB Single Stage

AB 415 Fiac Single Stage Lubricated Belt Driven Pump

AB Two Stage

AB 598 Fiac Two Stage Lubricated Belt Driven Pump

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