Video Service XS Supersilent


WARNING: Read Owner's Manual before operation

XS: unboxing and set-up

Note! Check that the main power matches that indicated on the electrical data-plate, the permissible tolerance range is +/-5%.


XS: first start

Note! Ever disconnect from the main power once not in use!.


XS: drain condensate

Attention! disconnect the plug and be sure the tank pressure is at "0" before open the tap. The condensate in the tank must be drained at least once a week Condensate of compressors that are oil lubricated must not be drained into the sewer or dispersed in the environment as it contains oil.


XS: air filter cleaning

Every 50 hours of duty: we advise you to dismantle the air filter and clean the filtering element. You are recommended to replace the filter element at least once if the compressor operates in a clean environment, but more frequently if in a dusty environment.


Fiac Oil change belt driven air compressor



NOTE! The operations described require specific authorization of the operator according to the law. 

In any case it is advisable to consult an Authorized Assistance Center.

XS: air filter and check valve replacement

Attention! disconnect plug and discharge all pressure from the tank before the maintenance! Always use original spare parts GSP



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