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The table that follows summarises the periodic and preventative maintenance jobs required to keep the compressor in an efficient operational state in time.

A brief description of the running hours after which the type of maintenance job is required.

Before performing any jobs within the sound-proof cabinet, ensure that:

  • - The main line switch is turned off (position “0”)
  • - The compressor is disconnected from the compressed air system
  • All the pressure has been released from the compressor and internal pneumatic circuit.
WEEKLY Check if the filters of the electric cabinet are clogged Check if the anti-dust pre-filter is clogged
500 hours
after first start
Change oil
Check the electrical connections and tighten if necessary
every 2500 hourso once a year Replace the oil filter cartridge
Replace the filter cartridge of the oil separator
Replace the air filter cartridge
Check the transmission
Clean the air/oil radiator
Check filters in electrical cabinet and replace if necessary
Clean inverter dissipator (if equipped )
Check the safety valve
Check the electrical connections and tighten if necessary.
Drain condensate
Change oil
every 7500 hours Check the hydraulic seals
Overhaul the suction valve
every 12500 hours Check the hoses and replace if necessary
Overhaul oil separator flange
Grease the minimum pressure valve
Replace Fluorflon pipes 6x4 and 10x10
Replace the screw oil seal
Replace the bearings of the radiator fan motor
Replace the bearings of the motor
Replace the delivery OR flange
Clean the compressor
every 20000 hours Replace inverter fan (if equipped).
Replace the bearings of the screw (to be done by Technical Service centre)

Note! If the compressor is used for more than 3000 hours/year the jobs indicated herewith are to be performed more often.

The above described maintenance schedule has been planned bearing in mind all the installation parameters and recommended use of the Manufacturer.
The Manufacturer advises the customer to keep a record of all maintenance jobs performed on the compressor.